The I Beach Voleyball Competition

The I Warta Beach Voleyball Competition took place in our Resort 19.05.2013. Dobra was organizing the competition and decided that Rafa will host the event of Dobra Cup. The matches were played all Sunday on the new beach volleyball court. The court was built before the season and this competition was it’s inauguration.

I Nadwarciański Turniej Piłki Siatkowej Plażowej

The matches were realy stubborn because all the teams represented really impressive skills. Finally the first place went to team from Turek: Tomasz Łupina and Marcin Hartman, the second went to team from Goszczanów: Kamil Sieczka and Paweł Kozielski, the third went to Darius Iwaniak and Artur Pacześny also from Turek.
The chairmen of Dobra City Council, Mr. Wojciech Błażełek was a great arbiter.

I Nadwarciański Turniej Piłki Siatkowej Plażowej

The volleyball competition were taking place together with windsurfing competition. That was a possibility to observe sportsmen on the land and on the water. We hope the volleyball competition on Rafa will become a tradition and the court will attract active rest enthusiasts! The winners were given the cups, diplomas and surprise prizes! We congratulate!

Zwycięzcy I Nadwarciański Turniej Piłki Siatkowej Plażowej