Rafa Jeziorsko Cup 2012

Polish Windsurfing Gran Prix

Opening Polish Windsurfing Gran Prix in The Rafa Resort is already a tradition. Regular event of windsurfing masters took place in our Resort on the last weekend of May. Patronage over the event took:
AZS Łódź, Mayor of Dobra, Mayor of Turek, Department of Sieradz, city hall of Warta.

This year our Resort became an co organizer and a title sponsor, by founding two week family vacation in luxury hotel in Szklarska Poręba.

Unquestioned champion of windsurfing, Agnieszka Piertasik took care of organization the whole event. Respect for courage and fantastic attitude.

The weather was great just from the first day, when almost all formula windsurfing races were set. The atmosphere was really holiday because of many fun races – races set specially for an audience!

What’s more the world champion Steve Allen presented innovative SUP (stand up paddle board) riding. It was appreciated not only by the competitors. There were a lot of water and laugh. The champion was disqualified for being the best :-)

Making the event wild during the day and night was the job of Red Bull! They served winged drinks and great DJ sets!

Rafa guests were really keen on learning windsurfing from champions for free.

I Polish Formula Windsurfing Gran Prix 2012 ended by giving the cups and awards for best competitors. As usual there were winners in several categories.
The best one turned to be Steve Allen!

We congratulate everyone and we invite you for the next year!