Polish Camping and Caravaning Convent "Jeziorsko 2013"

On the last weekend of May we hosted Polish Camping and Caravaning Convent in our Resort. This wonderful family-touristic event was organized by Lodz Camping and Caravaning Club. Organizers presented fantastic and very professional organizational skills. We are impressed and we congratulate!
85 crews from 11 clubs came to Thr Rafa Resort. That contains 221 people with 52 children among.

otwarcie zlotu

Official opening of XXVII ŁKCC convent happened in Friday the 24th May and it was connected to giving Rafa an official camping number 52. Honours were done by the Mayor of Dobra Mr. Andrzej Piątkowski together with the Resort Managers and ŁKCC Chairman Mr. Zbigniew Gawroński. Cutting the ribbon was ceremonial confirmation of making Camping 52 near The Jeziorsko real! Invited brass orchestra from Dobra, made the moment even more significant by giving a concert under a baton of Eugeniusz Grzelak. Accompanied by the fanfares the ŁKCC pennant was pulled up and XXVII Camping and Caravaning Convent “Jeziorsko 2013” was opened.

przecięcie wstęgi orkiestra dęta z Dobrej

Despite bad weather, the 3 day family event was following the plan. The Friday opening evening was started by costume ball for children. Kids were looking charming and as always they were having great fun!

bal przebierańców 1 bal przebierańców 2

Adults also took their time. „The ragman” Ball started right after the sunset and parents hit the dance floor. They had outstanding fun dancing to the great music!!! That was a night!
There were even some folklore songs performed by chairman Zbigniew Gawroński himself with his accordion!

bal gałganiarza

Saturday was a day of games and competitions both for kids and adults. The of road cars was racing (unfortunately just the RC ones) and the kids were taking part in sport pentathlon. There were tug of war competition and a beaver dam. Gulliver’s spillikins were a great entertainment for young children!

gry i zabawy podczas zlotu bierki Guliwera

In the afternoon the campers did a trip on a cruise ship and strengthen themselves with delicious regional goulash soup. At the evening there was a bonfire with sausages. People could enjoy singing to the guitar sounds, delicious regional beer and national team match.

ognisko z pieczeniem kiełbasek

On Sunday morning the organizers summarized all competitions results to point the winner crews. In the afternoon during the official end it turned to be 20 of them! Cups, diplomas and many valuable prizes connected with camping were given. All children were awarded. XXVII ŁKCC Convent Organizers literally took care of everything. The ending ceremony was full of speeches, thanks and a wonderful integration with singing. Finally the ŁKCC pennant was lowered and The Convent ended.

zakończenie zlotu 1 zakończenie zlotu 2

The organizers and participants found The Convent successful! That’s why we already booked a place for ŁKCC for 2014!!! It was a pleasure to host such a big and well organized group in CAMPING 52!
We wish you another convents and burning enthusiasm to popularize camping touristic.


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