ŁKCC - end of season 2013

On the last weekend of The September 27-29, campers and caravans from Lodz Camping and Caravanning Club arrived to The Rafa Resort and ended the season.

End of ŁKCC 2013 season End of ŁKCC 2013 season

The weather was cool but pretty sunny, so Campers could complete their reach program of the spot.
The main topic of the spot was family sport competition. Out of many competitors, there were three winner – marriage teams.

The first place cup went to Ewa and Bogdan Cybulscy.

I miejsce zajęli Ewa i Bogdan Cybulscy

II place went to Maja and Zbyszek Sobczak (left picture)
III place went to Grażyna and Paweł Szczegielniak (right picture)

II miejsce zajęli Maja i Zbyszek Sobczak III miejsce zajęli Grażyna i Paweł Szczegielniak

There were many ideas for having fun. On Friday the ball was organized, on Saturday there was a bonfire with sausages, and the mushrooming contest on Sunday won by Mrs. Agnieszka Kolman.
Organizers showed once again how great fun can the adults have. They took care of prizes and souvenirs for all teams. The spot ended with a participants singing on Sunday afternoon, but our Guests took sunbaths till the very evening.

End of ŁKCC 2013 season